About Us

      Our message is DO 1MORE.  It means Action with Purpose.  We sell our products as a reminder to use the POWER of the message.

Our Story

               1MORE was founded in October 2007 by Jeremy Spellman after he discovered the power of a simple message: DO 1MORE. This realization came after a series of painful life events—battling a prescription pain pill addiction following a car accident, overcoming a near death experience following a brown recluse spider bite, and watching his aunt fight brain cancer. 

               The night 1MORE was created Jeremy and a friend were doing a pull-up challenge. The goal was for his friend to do as many pull-ups as possible and Jeremy would DO 1MORE. Ready to quit, Jeremy encouraged his friend to DO 1MORE. By focusing on this message he pushed far beyond his limits. The message stuck, and 1MORE was born.  

 1MORE products are a reminder of the potential that lies within all of us.