Mindset Precedes Action

Mindset Precedes Action



noun:) the established set of attitudes held by someone

          Each day we wake up longing for a better life, for something more.  Our thoughts, ideas, problems, solutions, dreams and desires whirling around in our mind from the time we rise for the day, to the time we lay our heads to rest at night.  Our attention shifting from one focus to the next, repeating this cycle (these attentional blinks) until we return again to our resting state, with our heads gently resting on our pillows, left to our thoughts again.  Rendering one more self-analysis of our day’s performance before we drift off to sleep, only to repeat the cycle again tomorrow. We ask ourselves- Did I do everything I wanted to today? What was good? What sucked? What would I do differently?  What excited me? What brought me joy? What made me sad? What goals did I accomplish? What didn’t I finish…? The list can sometimes be endless. All too often though, we reach the end of our day, not having accomplished all that we set out to do, leaving us in a negative state of mind. The thoughts we leave floating around in our mind, as we transition from our conscious state the the subconscious slumber, are those of worry, doubt, fear, stress and anxiety.  Many times, our final thoughts before drifting to sleep stimulate negative emotions. Sleep ensues, then we rise the next morning, starting the day where we left it the night prior.

          What if we could change our state, change of our thoughts, change our outcomes, both in mind and in body?  What if we could have more good days than bad, more joy than sadness, more success than failure, more achievement than disappointment?  

          Our thoughts, feelings, and attitude are the starting point.  Mindset precedes action. The remodeling of our own current mindset is crucial for change to occur.  We all are able and capable of establishing new philosophies of life. It is the sail we choose to set,  so that when the winds of life blow, we move in the direction we desire for our lives rather than drift into unknown waters.

          Life happens.  It happens to all of us.  It’s how we respond to what happens that determines the outcomes in life. Our thoughts and attitudes towards what happens and the actions we take afterwards, are the determining factor in what our outcomes will be and the direction we go. Imagine, standing at an intersection, with an infinite number of directions to go.  What direction will you choose? Which way will you go? Many times, the default is to let life choose for us. We “go with the flow” and hope for the best. We allow drift to occur. I’ve heard it said, “when life goes wrong, don’t go with it”. When life happens, instead of allowing the circumstances to determine the direction, choose what you want to do with that experience. Choose your thoughts, choose your actions.  What we choose to think about determines the direction we move. So, before life happens, establish your mindset, establish your goals, establish the destination you desire for your life so that when the storms come, which they inevitably do, even if you get knocked off course, you still have your heading. Realize that you have the power to choose. 


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