Don’t Put The Cart Before The Horse

Don’t Put The Cart Before The Horse

          A cart pulling a horse just doesn’t work.  Success before discipline doesn’t work either, at least in the long run.  We live in a “shortcut culture” of cart-pushing-horses. Now, I’m not calling anyone a horse.  But many of us, instead of taking the road less traveled, we look for the path of least resistance.  We take the shortcut rather than the long road, which many times leaves us with a short term gain, but a long term loss.  We all want success in something. Some of us, a lot, and some of us very little. Success is relative, defined differently by each person.  If you were to ask 10 people what success means to them, my guess is that you would probably get 10 different answers, with some similarities interwoven throughout.  

          Health, wealth, and relationships are by far, the top three areas where people seek success the most.  All three of these industries are booming, billion dollar markets, from the latest health, wellness and fitness fads, to get-rich-quick money making strategies, and speed dating over the internet, just swipe-right to find love.  Most of which are selling the “magic pill”, the “secrets to success”, or “true love”. The shortcuts. Success without discipline can leave us unfulfilled, apathetic, and unappreciative of the achievements we attained, taking for granted the very thing we wanted most. But when we put in the work, the sacrifice, the struggle, the grind, and overcome obstacles and achieve our goals, we truly value the reward, and are more willing to hold fast to it, rather than slide back to our previous self.  

          Discipline, self-discipline to be more precise, is a mindset, a mental muscle that’s got to be trained.  Just like any other muscle building process, we start slow, and gradually load our muscles more and more over time.  We stay the course, being consistent until we've achieved our end goal.  Self-discipline is no different. Whether it be disciplining ourselves to achieve better health, desiring to improve your financial situation, or have deeper, more meaningful relationships with others.  All are built over time with focus, planning, executing, and consistency.  For how long some ask... as long as it takes!  

          The overnight success is years in the making. Anything of value takes time. It takes discipline, self-discipline.  Life is a marathon, not a sprint.  Take the time to invest in yourself, your mind, your body, your family, your friends.  Make the road less traveled a part of your daily commute. Put in to practice the habit of discipline in the important, high valued areas of your life and see what unfolds. Remember, DON'T PUT THE CART BEFORE THE HORSE.  Let discipline lead your success. We either pay the price of discipline now, or pay the price of regret later. Which will you decide? 


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