In the beginning, it starts with 1More

In the beginning, it starts with 1More

          Do you ever have that small internal voice telling you there’s more to life than “this”? That deep longing for something more, something greater, a life with more impact, more meaning, more joy, more fulfillment?  Does your life look like the way you think it should? Have you accomplished all that you’ve wanted to by this stage of life? Are there goals not yet achieved? Does the life you are living truly reflect the desires in your heart?  Most people desire more than what they have, better health, financial freedom, deeper spirituality, more meaningful relationships, genuine happiness. This is evident as to the sheer size and success of the billion dollar self-help/personal development industry.  We have 24/7 access to incredible content that has the potential to be life-changing. Most of which is saying the same thing, delivered differently; have a clear vision for your life, set goals, establish a plan to achieve those goals, take massive action, be consistent, surround yourself with positive people that support your goals, never quit, learn from your mistakes, and so on…

          So the question we have to ask ourselves is, why, with such a vast amount of self-help/personal development content being consumed, on everything from A-to-Z, are so many people’s lives not what they want them to be?   Two words, Mindset and Action.

          We absorb the content, some of which is inspirational, motivational, specific strategies and life-changing tools, that if put into action, can dramatically alter the outcome and results of our lives.  However, many of us will read a book, a blog, an article, and be inspired to change. We have the tool and/or strategy to achieve that goal. But we end up paralyzed, not heeding the advice we just read.  We get that spark, our emotional state is one of optimism and hope, we start to run down that particular rabbit trail, getting mental traction towards whatever the end result(s) we are chasing. But, we soon end up burning out, losing steam, running out of fuel (whatever conventional analogy you’d like to compare it to).  This happens all too quickly, sometimes even within hours of reading the content. We’ve lost even before we have started the race. Self-limiting beliefs, doubt, low self-esteem, lack of confidence in our abilities and potential, fear and focusing on all of the reasons why it WONT work for me. We then come to a sudden stop, left in the dust while our elusive goal speeds down the dirt trail.  Our emotional state swings rapidly from hopeful to discouraged. This “self-defeat” most often spirals down the emotional drain, leading to frustration, sadness, and anger with ourselves, which further fuels our self-limiting beliefs, ultimately creating more resistance the next time we try to change our lives for the better. When this happens over and over again, eventually we get to the worst state of all, apathy; noun: lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.  Then, we just find a nice, comfortable seat on the sidelines of life, going through the motions of an unsatisfied life, still longing to better yourself. But that voice gets quieter and quieter over time, eventually, becoming deaf to it’s sound. This all comes full circle back to where we started, where the results of our life, doesn’t match up with our true heart desires.


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